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Are you stoked to ride in the world’s first impact vest with integrated speakers? To have your music with you every session? Save $150 on the Groove Vest by choosing one of the packages below to join our limited VIP List. Secure your spot to have the one of the first opportunities to purchase the Groove Vest once we launch.

First Opportunity to Purchase
Notified on our Launch before everyone else. Have the opportunity to purchase the Groove Vest at $150 (There will only be 100 vests at this discounted price, retails $299).
Priority Shipping
Preferential shipping, your Groove Vest will ship out before everyone else who is not on the VIP list.
Behind the Scenes
Receive special VIP exclusive updates and insights directly from the Groove Watersports Founders.




VIP access grants you first rights to purchase the groove vest at a major discount! When we launch on Kickstarter this summer you’ll receive a notification via Email & Facebook messenger two hours earlier than non-VIP members to claim your vest. This is our way of saying thank you to our true and loyal friends. This promotion is first come first serve so you’ll need to hustle to get the vest at its lowest price of $150. After our Kickstarter Campaign is complete, the Groove Vest will go back to its retail price of $299. Now’s the time to take advantage of this special pricing.





  • Launch Notification
  • Priority Shipping
  • Behind the Scenes Update





  • Launch Notification
  • Priority Shipping
  • Behind the Scenes Content 
  • Groove Astronaut Sticker Pack




  • Launch Notification
  • Priority Shipping
  • Behind the Scenes Content
  • Groove Watersports LE Sticker Pack
  • Groove Launch Snapback Hat

Frequently Asked

How long will it take to ship?

Pre-orders will help us find our first production run so we can meet our mfg facilities minimum order quantities. We will take pre-orders for 1 month on Kickstarter. A successful campaign will trigger the start of production. It will take 6 weeks to manufacture. Once the vests are imported, we will send them out to you! Stay tuned in for more detailed updates.

How many styles are there?

We have one rad style to fit them all! The vest was designed as a high-performance impact vest, crafted with closed cell foam that won’t bunch up in your vest and surrounded by a jersey knit nylon bonded to scuba stretch neoprene. This vest is a premium product, even without the speakers. 

Does the vest come with a warranty?

Yes, we’ve worked hard to create a premium product that performs to your expectations. If you’re not in love with it after your first use, send it back for a full refund. We are confident in our mfg partners craftsmanship. Any vest under normal use will be replaced if broken under its first year of use. 

How long will I be a VIP?

Forever! You’re special :)
Why $1?
We have gathered a large list of early supporters. We want to reward those people who have been with us since the beginning. $1 now lets us know you intend to purchase a vest. In exchange, we are giving you the biggest discount when we launch because we know we can count on your business. Thank you for supporting our startup and helping us bring music to the Watersport industry in a way that’s never been done before. There are limited spots 63/100 have already been claimed. Giddy up!

How many size options do you have?

We are sized S-XL. We will expand sizing, colorways, and products in the future. 

Is the vest compatible with both Apple and Android devices?

No, we’re off the grid! Download your music directly to your groove Vest. Your vest supports any MP3 or mp4a file (for all you iTunes people out there)

Where do you store your phone/music?

Your Groove Vest has a micro USB charging and data transfer port. Connect to your computer. Drag and drop your music. And Groove on! 

What if I don’t like the vest?

Let us know, and we will refund your purchase. There are no tricks here. We are people who love music and action sports. 

Can I purchase more than one?

Please! I’m sure they make great gifts. 

Is the Groove Vest safe?

The Groove Vest is a non-coast guard approved vest. Check out our blog about what this means for you.

Is the vest loud enough on the water?

Yes! The vest was engineered by action sports enthusiasts. Your vest will play your favorite music loud and clear every session. It is loud enough to be heard while cruising on a jet ski... we think :crossed_fingers: testing next month