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01.10.2019 Drew Bartek

Should you buy waterproof headphones for wakeboarding?

How riders are currently listening to music

Riders around the world are trying to figure out ways to listen to music.  If you are riding boat you can listen with tower speakers, but you can’t always hear the music that clearly or you have to blast the music to even hear it.  If you are riding cable the options are even more limited, docks sometimes have music playing but you can’t hear it while you are actually riding.

With the lack of good options to listen to music more and more riders are using the solution of waterproof headphones.  Waterproof headphones allows the rider to always have their music on them which is a huge benefit.

There are some drawbacks that riders are facing when using headphones.  The headphones often cost around $100 for a quality pair. I’ve talked to many riders that have told me that they have either had their headphones break from a hard fall or that they come out and sink to the bottom of the lake.  Earlier this week a rider had told me he is on his 4th pair of headphones due to his first three sinking to the bottom of the lake.

Once you buy your headphones now you will need a media device to play music.  Many riders use an mp3 player or their phone and have a pocket or armband for their device, because it must be near the headphones.  The best solution is if you have a smart watch like the Apple Watch you can connect that directly to the headphones and not have to wear an armband.


Groove vest solution

The current ways to listen to music are inefficient and expensive.  The Groove Vest solves this through putting the speakers directly in the vest without compromising the comfort and mobility of the rider.  It is an easy all in one solution with your music downloaded on the vest.  Simply press play and listen to your music all day at the lake.  With your music downloaded to the vest you can leave your phone in the boat or on the sideline while riding.  With the vest you no longer have to remember bringing these extra devices or armbands to the lake. Riders won’t have to fear about their headphones falling out and sinking to the bottom of the lake anymore.  

Having clear and loud music play directly from your vest allows you to still enjoy your surroundings.  One rider told me that all the riders at the cable park that have their headphones in are closed off and in their own world.  Our vest would allow you to invite other riders in on listening to music and would create good vibes.


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Published by Drew Bartek January 10, 2019
Drew Bartek