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02.11.2019 Drew Bartek

Why Wakeboarding is an affordable sport for Everyone!


Wakeboarding used to be a sport for people that owned boats.  Making it a very expensive sport to get involved in.

For years there was a huge barrier to entry to be a wakeboarder.  You or your family had to own a boat and often times an expensive boat.  Some boats surpassing 6 figures. This made it really hard for the average person to get into wakeboarding.  The upfront cost was astronomical and the ongoing cost of fuel, maintenance, storage, etc. didn’t make it any easier.

Over the past 10 years the United States and all over the world has seen massive growth in a newer way to wakeboard.  Cable Parks have popped up all over giving individuals an alternative way to wakeboard. There are over 100 cable parks in the US.  Cable parks mechanism consist of two cables running parallel to one another and pulling riders around the course. Obstacles such as ramps and rails are available for those that want to advance their skill.

Cable parks have all different levels of riders from beginners to the pros.   They offer a great opportunity to get introduced to the sport without spending much money.  Here’s why they are a great place for you to try wakeboarding for the first time. They are affordable anywhere from $30-$50 to wakeboard for the day.  You don’t need to have any equipment, the parks will have all the gear you will need on site to rent for the day. The barrier to try out the sport for the first time is very low and you can have a fun day trying something new.

It is a great place to learn how to ride.  It is easier to learn how to ride at a cable park for a number of reasons.  The first is that you are able to start on the dock. Typically when being pulled by the boat you need to start in the water and getting up and out of the water can be one of the most challenging things for beginners.  At the cable park starting on the dock eliminates this challenge.

Another benefit of learning at the cable compared to the lake is the amount of wake.  When behind a boat the water isn’t always smooth, sometimes it is choppy. The more waves on the lake the harder it is to learn how to ride.  At a cable park the water is flat and consistent, having the same environment helps riders catch on quicker.

Lots of cable parks will have instructors that will help you and teach you how to ride.  There is a cable operator who can control the cable speed and tailor it to the level of rider you are.  Most parks offer classes and will teach you everything you need to know to start riding.

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Published by Drew Bartek February 11, 2019
Drew Bartek