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10.7.2019 Drew Bartek

How Wake Shapers Create The Perfect Wakesurf Wave


Wake shapers help make your wakesurfing experience awesome by creating a great wave to surf on. Shapers are an easier and better solution than ballast bags to weigh your boat for the perfect wave. You can still use both weights and a wake shaper but it’s not necessary to have both. Wake shapers work by disrupting the flow of water, the shaper introduces turbulence that changes the power of that stream and creates the wake on the other side to produce an amazing clean surf wave.  There are a couple of different styles of wake shapers. The most popular types are steep-angle and extra large shapers. In this article we will review the differences in each style and help you understand which one is right for your boat. You will be on your way to having the best wave to surf on at the lake.

The device itself is easy to attach and detach, most have suction cups that stick onto the outside of your boat. Its industry standard to have them be floatable, so you don’t have to worry about it coming off and sinking to the bottom of your lake. With the ease of use you can easily throw it on in a minute and take it off to do another activity. Best of all Wake shapers are universal, they work on just about any boat. There may be certain models that work better for specific boats, but overall you won’t have to worry about matching a shaper to a boat model.

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STEEP-ANGLEwake shaper

The Steep Angle design of the shaper creates more turbulence then the Wedge Style, thus creating a better wake. Nowadays almost all shapers on the market are steep angle as it has proven to be the best solution. You end up with a surf side wake that is top notch and can be ridden all day.


Extra Large shapers are exactly what they sound like, they are just bigger versions of the Steep-Angle.  These XL versions are perfect for boats that bigger than 24 feet. The regular ones are just not big enough for bigger boats. One major downside is that these typically have a big impact on fuel consumption. The reason why is that there is added stress and turbulence, which causes your boat to have to work harder by burning through your fuel.

Published by Drew Bartek October 7, 2019
Drew Bartek