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04.10.2019 Gus Gehlen

Tower Boat Speaker Options

We’ve been getting lots of questions about tower speakers systems. So we checked out Samson Sports Towers and Accessories at the Portland boat show. They were really informative, and have lots of different options at a variety of price points.

To simplify things, here’s a chart of the average prices you can expect to spend on a 2019 setup:


Price (Average)

Collapsible Tower


Fixed Rack


Spinning Rack




All in, you can safely expect to drop $4,000+ on this rig. Keep in mind, you’ll need some lights, mirrors, and a bimini top for some shade.

Tower speaker systems are great when you’re floating around with your family and friends, but if you want to hear the music as a rider, you need to blast the ears off of everyone on the boat. This is a problem for the people on the boat and the homeowners on the lake. Some homeowner associations ban the use of tower systems on their lake.

This is when the Groove Vest swoops in to save the day.  The Groove Vest is a high performance impact vest with speakers integrated in the upper chest/shoulder area, providing you with loud and clear music every session. Upload your favorite music directly to the vest, press play, and get in the Groove!

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Published by Gus Gehlen April 10, 2019
Gus Gehlen