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01.3.2019 Drew Bartek

Top 5 wakeboarding life jackets on the market

Photo Credit: @billyperrier

What are the top 5 competition vests for wakeboarders?

groove-graphic-1Honorable Mention for best look:

Body Glove Bob Soven Comp Vest


Price: $129.99

What we love: This vest has our favorite style with blue and black zig zagged lines. This is a vest that is mesmerizing to look at.

What to expect: This is a good quality vest that is lightweight and is designed for flexibility and comfort.  


Follow Wake: S.P.R.


Price: $159.99

What we love: The design of this vest is phenomenal with the custom diamond stitching giving you a unique look out on the water.

What to expect: This is a high performance competition vest comprised of NaturalPrene that should be snug to your body and you won’t have to worry about this vest riding up to your ears.



Liquid Force Spector 2019


Price: $179.99

What we love: The vest has top level protection with “Impact Armour” a double layered impact absorbing foam.  If you are a cable rider that is trying lots of new tricks and find yourself taking hard falls this vest is for you.

What to expect: This is our favorite vest for cable riders as it has extra impact protection without compromising on the weight, flexibility and range of motion of the jacket.  The foam panels are placed to protect from hard falls on rails or water in the spine and chest area.



Ronix: One Custom Fit Boa


Price: $179.99

What we love: This vest is equipped with the “Boa” a small circle knob on your lower back that allows you to tighten the lower portion of the vest.

What to expect: A high quality vest with a custom fit with the Boa, you can figure out your perfect fit and can always go tighter. The vest is stylish with heather gray, with a backdrop of red.




Hyperlite Relapse Impact Jacket


Price: $159.99

What we love: The vest comes with 2 stash pockets one in the front and one at your back.  Both are easy to access with a zipper and are perfect if you find yourself riding and needing a place to put your keys, a gopro or whatever else you might be bringing.

What to expect: This vest is a lightweight competition vest that does not compromise on the quality that you have come to expect from Hyperlite.  This is a soft and comfortable jacket.



Liquid Force Ghost 2019


Price: $159.99

What we love: This is the most comfortable vest on the market that forms to your body.  This vest is a great fit due to the wider arm openings and a tapered waist that ensures that it is tight to your body.  

What to expect:

This is a lightweight and comfortable vest and one of the best sellers from Liquid Force.

The Groove Vest

We are creating the Groove Vest and will be launching it in 2019.  Our goal is to be in the conversation of the best wakeboarding vests by this time next year.  The Groove Vest will have speakers integrated into the vest. We want to be known for 5 things:

  • High quality

  • Extreme comfort

  • Maximum range of motion

  • Lightweight

  • Loud and clear sounding music


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Published by Drew Bartek January 3, 2019
Drew Bartek