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11.18.2020 Gus Gehlen

Production Update - Nov 17, 2020

Hey Groove Nation,

I've heard from many excited try before you buy folks who are asking for an update. If you want a peak at our latest kickstarter updates, click here to get all caught up

Thanks for all your patience and support!

Last week, the factory was pushing back on the proposed assembly steps because creating samples is different from mass production. They suggested changing the ultrasonic welding part of the process. Which we agree. Here's the challenges they brought up, and our proposed next steps:

Current Challenges

1. Current method makes it difficult for the buttons to be pressed + covers the LED light

2. After the PCBs are covered, it is difficult to check the filling position underneath the epoxy

Next Steps

1. We tested a specific resin with a viscosity which confirmed the coverage underneath was good. Using a transparent resin will allow the light from the LED to shine through. 


2. Here is a cross section view of the enclosure box. The purple silicone button cover comes down over the body of the pushbutton switch to prevent epoxy resin from getting into the switch.


More to come next week,

Gus + The Groove Team


P.S. If you want to chat, just send me an email gus@groovewatersports.com I would love to hear from you!


Published by Gus Gehlen November 18, 2020
Gus Gehlen