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05.27.2020 Gus Gehlen

Production Update! PCBs Arrived at the Production Facility

Woot woot! The Printed Circuit Boards have passed our quality inspections and arrived at our production facility. 

This is another exciting milestone for our team, which means your 🏄Groove Vest 🎶 is one step closer to arriving at your door!



The sampling process will begin. Those samples will be shipped to Bend, OR for a final quality check, then we will start our first production run!


Bellow, you will see a picture of the Printed Circuit Boards with Surface mount technology - a method in which the electrical components are mounted directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board. 

Groove PCBs



The production facility will create samples in each size. We will double check the quality, then production will begin.

Shipping lead times are causing the most of the delays, but we will continue to share updates with you as we move through this process.

We expect to receive the Groove Vests in August, then we will ship directly to our Kickstarter Backers, Giveaway winners, and Try Before you Buy friends.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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If you want to chat, hit us up on social or send me an email gus@groovewatersports.com I would love to hear from you!


Published by Gus Gehlen May 27, 2020
Gus Gehlen