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02.23.2019 Drew Bartek

Everything you need to know about Wakeboarding at Texas Cable Parks!

We recently connected up with our good friend Kyle Happe and manager of Hangar 9 Wakepark in Houston Texas.  In this post, Kyle shares everything you need to know about the cable scene in Texas.

Texas is one of the worlds best spots to get out on the water and shred. If you live in Texas or ever want to visit this is the breakdown of all the parks that should be on your list to check out.  Texas is home to parks in Dallas, all the way down to San Antonio, and east to Houston. No matter where you are in the Texas Triangle, there is a park for you.

However, let's say you have some time on your hands and want to explore what Texas has to offer. That's why we have made a list of every park, their location, skill level, and whether or not it is worth the trip! So without further ado, we will start up north.

Dallas is home to world-famous Hydrous Wake in Little Elm, Texas just north of the Metroplex. Stacked with two learn to ride cables, this is a perfect park for beginners. But if you’re more advanced, don’t sleep on this park. Its wide variety of rails will keep you entertained for weeks. You will always be able to find new lines!

Waco, Texas is North of Austin and South of DFW. Famous for the Silos and BSR Wakepark! BSR is one of the more known cables in Texas and a must stop for any Texas Tour. With loads of hand-made features and new sets for 2019, the fun will never end. Don’t forget to see what else BSR has to offer. From the state-wide known “Giant Slides,” to the brand new Surf lake, and huts to stay the night lakeside, this is a prime wakers dream.

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Austin is the state capital and home to 2 Incredible parks. North you have Quest ATX and east you have Next Level Ride. The simple and common answer as to which is right for you is usually “Upper-level riders go to NLR while beginners go to QATX.” However, both parks have the ability to up your skills. While some say QATX is more beginner friendly, they carry a wide range of features such as pipe rails and transfers that will keep you coming back. Not to mention some days they will pick you up in Jet-skis when you are down (definitely not a bad deal) They also carry mostly Unit Features which means they will always ride smooth. NLR carries mostly hand made features, but they are some of the most fun I have ever ridden. The “Swoop” Rail alone will prove the validity of the radicalness of this pro famous park.

New Braunfels is about a 40-minute drive south of ATX and home to TSR. Most people know TSR in the business for it is one of the first cable ways built in the country and the first in Texas. Their features can seem advanced but will improve your riding quick. They also make a note to change up the layout often so the park will never get dull. The property offers many other recreations such as paintball, skating, and even snowboarding (yes in Texas).

Lastly, Houston is home to Hangar 9 Wakepark. An excellent park to ride at for all levels and taken over recently by new management (Hello!). Famous for being the only pool gap in Texas and some of the friendliest operators and staff! We hope this summer to make a name for ourselves and come back as one of the greats!

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Published by Drew Bartek February 23, 2019
Drew Bartek