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06.13.2019 Drew Bartek

How to put Speakers on a Jet Ski

There are many different options for equipping your jet ski with speakers.  Some solutions are better than others. Deciding how you will listen to music will depend on how much you are willing to spend, when you want to listen to music and how handy you are.  Some people can’t bear the idea of getting drill holes into their jet ski, sometimes messing up the structure of their jet ski.


Where to Begin

One of the best options is to either buy a jet ski that is equipped with speakers on the front or have a custom job done to add the speakers.  Putting an aftermarket speaker system often requires an additional battery to your waverunner, these devices will all need to be waterproof. Depending on your storage you might also want to buy a waterproof pouch for your phone.  One of the downsides to fully equipping your jet ski with a sound system is that it takes up space and sometimes takes away leg room. The newer PWC’s are getting better at this but still something to be aware of if you are tall like me.  Having a professional do this will cost somewhere between $1-2 thousand depending on the quality of equipment you decide to go with.

Speaker on back of jetski

You can try and do this yourself by buying standalone speakers that can be drilled and bolted onto just about anywhere on your PWC or figure out a way to strap them in like this person did above.  I’m sure you have all seen the many different ways that people have tried equipped speakers on their jet ski. I know we have seen a lot of people try and make some crucial mistakes.  The placement of the speakers is key because the further away they are from you the harder they will be to hear. Additionally you want to make sure that the speakers are pointed towards you.  From my experience and discussing this issue with people most people experience the music drowning out once you hit above 30mph. This solution may be good if you don’t like going fast or want to listen while you are just cruising.


A couple of really simple solutions are buying a clip on speaker and attaching it to your vest.  The issue with this solution is that these clip on speakers often aren’t very powerful and it can be difficult to hear your music at higher speeds.  Another issue is that it isn’t very comfortable to have a clip on speaker flopping around while you are riding around.

Cheaper Solutions

Another cheaper solution is buying a waterproof portable speaker and placing it inside the storage cubby, not all PWC’s have big enough storage for a speaker and your phone. This method can be a hit or miss method depending on your jet ski.  Putting it in the storage can also sometimes distort the quality of the music, the way the sound bounces off different size storage cubby's will output different sounds. This solution is good for hanging out but not while riding. If it is in the box you can hear it in a no wake zone, but if you are running wide open then you will need a different solution.

Innovative Solutions

The Groove Vest is designed to be the world’s first jet ski vest with speakers.  The vest has two speakers embedded in the shoulder area that provide a loud sound that can overcome engine, wind and wake noise.  We have carefully designed the vest to have the speakers as close to your ears as possible without disrupting the comfort of the vest.  Our design minimizes sound drownage, ensuring that you can hear your music. One of the best parts about the Groove Vest is it has built in memory and buttons on the front.  You don’t have to worry about taking your phone out on the water and can easily change a song, pause or change the volume level.  The Groove Vest is coming to a lake near you Summer 2020!

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Published by Drew Bartek June 13, 2019
Drew Bartek