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02.18.2019 Drew Bartek

Why Wakeboarding should be in the 2020 Olympics

 The 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan.  There are 8 new sports being considered to be added in the Olympic Games.  The International Olympic Committee has not stated a timeline on when they would decide on which sports to add to the games and if they will choose more than one.  

Cable Wakeboarding is what has been proposed to the IOC to be in the Olympics.  Cable is different than the more traditional version of the sport where riders are towed behind a boat.  I think this is a good thing that Cable is being proposed over boat.  This is a good thing because not everyone can ride behind a boat, hundreds of millions of people have the opportunity to ride at a local cable park.New call-to-action

In 2004 the Greek National Organizing Committee tried to add Wakeboarding for the Athens Games.  Unfortunately, there was a limited number of events that could occur and Wakeboarding got knocked off.  Wakeboarding should be added to the Olympics because it is a fun action sport that is growing all around the world.  The Olympics could target a younger demographic and create some must watch tv.

The Snowboarding half-pipe in the last Winter Olympics in PyeongChang had some of the highest TV ratings out of all of the events.  One could make a case that the same demographic that watched the half-pipe closely would also be watching Wakeboarding if it made it into the Games.  

The other sports that are being considered for the 2020 Olympic Games are Baseball/Softball, Karate, Roller Sports, Sport Climbing, Squash, Wrestling, and Wushu.


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Published by Drew Bartek February 18, 2019
Drew Bartek