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03.7.2019 Drew Bartek

What are the different ways to listen to Music while Wakeboarding?

Music is a powerful tool that athletes often use to gain an edge.  Science has shown that the right music can help athletes perform at a slightly higher performance level.  Music can pump you up and give you the confidence to go out and nail that next big trick.  The right song can give you a calming effect and can distract you from nerves, jitters and help you focus. 

What are the solutions to listen to music:

Waterproof headphones are the most common solution that many users are trying.  There are lots of different set ups with headphones, typically riders have an mp3 player clipped on them somewhere.  There are a couple of issues when it comes to headphones.  First is that they are not always safe to wear, because it shuts out your surrounding noise making it difficult to get a grasp of your surroundings.  The biggest issue with headphones is that they are not very reliable and have a short life.  They either die from taking a hard fall, getting water inside of them or falling off and ending up at the bottom of lake.  Expect to spend around $100 every time you go through a pair.

Then there is a clip-on speaker, this is the cheapest solution and there are several different options.  However, hardly anyone rides with a clip-on speaker.  The reasons why people do not ride with a clip-on speaker are you usually have to have your media device on you.  Having a speaker flop around while you are trying to tantrum is not an enjoyable experience.  It does not feel natural and will mess with your riding.  Plus, when you take a fall it can be an awkward landing.

Cable Riders:

If you ride at the cable park, you can usually expect some music playing around the doc.  However, this music doesn’t travel very far so when you are on your set you will not be able to hear the music from the doc.  Your only two options are headphones or the clip-on speaker.

Boat riders:

If you are a boat rider your first and most obvious option is the tower speakers.  But due to the rider being 75-80 feet behind the boat they are not able to hear the music loud and clear.  The reason why you are not able to hear the music is noise pollution coming from the boat engine, the wake, the wind and any other outside surroundings.  Typically to hear the music you will need to turn the volume all the way up and be blasting your music.  Which is not always an option depending on who is riding in the boat and what type of music you are wanting to listen to.  Many lakes have noise ordnances that prevent you from playing your music to loud.  We have heard from some of you receiving fines for playing music to loud and disrupting the public and homes on the house.

The best way to listen:

We realized that these solutions kind of suck.  We thought to ourselves why can’t there be an easier all in one solution out there?  That is what lead us to creating the Groove Vest.  Our vest is a competition vest with integrated speakers that brings loud and clear music to your ride.  We built the vest with low profile technology, it is lightweight and not obstructive.  Our testing team has noted that they can’t even feel the speakers in the vest.  We set out the vision of creating the highest quality vest that would compete with other high-end competition vests.  The Groove Vest has built in memory so users can leave their phones on the sidelines and focus on shredding.  The vest can play music for up to 10 hours on one charge.  We have added buttons on the front of the chest, users have full controls of what they are listening to.

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Published by Drew Bartek March 7, 2019
Drew Bartek