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03.18.2019 Drew Bartek

March Madness!

It's March and summer is right around the corner.  The March Madness NCAA tournament is about to begin.  We love to have a good time and compete in everything that we do as a team.  What better way to celebrate this than filling out a March Madness Bracket.  We invite you to join our group on ESPN and compete against our team by filling out your own bracket.  Depending on how many of our fans decide to join our bracket we will consider giving away something to the winner.

A fun fact about Groove's CEO Gus Gehlen, he played a couple of years of college basketball at St. Louis and was apart of the team that won a game against Memphis in the NCAA tournament in 2011-2012.

Get in the action now and submit your bracket in our group by clicking the March Madness button!
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Published by Drew Bartek March 18, 2019
Drew Bartek