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04.22.2019 Drew Bartek

Safety Gear Checklist for Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding safety gear is often overlooked.  Some people make excuses and ride without all of the necessary gear.  Kiting is an extreme sport and their is a potential for some serious injuries.  Follow this list to ensure that you are safe while out on the water.

Safety hook knife 

Everyone who is kiteboarding in waves or deeper water needs to have a hook knife.   The hook knife is for emergency situations, to untangle yourself from lines.  The knife can be used to cut entangled or snagged kite lines, or to release the kite if the safety release system fails.  



Not everyone wears a helmet, but everyone should consider wearing one.  Your head is one of the most important parts of your body.  This sport is extreme and protecting your head from head lacerations and hard falls is a must.

Impact Vest

Having a vest that will provide protection against impacts to the torso area is a wise decision.  We have all heard stories of a broken rib, the best way to protect yourself is by having an impact vest to absorb the impact. In addition, vests provide additional flotation.


This is an optional tool, typically for the experienced kitesurfer.  Leashes can be used in situations where it’s important that you don’t become separated from your board.  

Signaling Devices 

In the event that you need to be rescued, you will want to have some way of communicating that you need help.  There are various devices that kitersurfers use, a whistle is the most basic.  You can also consider purchasing a personal locator beacon (PLB), a device when activated, transmits your exact position and your identification to a national rescue center, via satellite link.


One of the best things you can have is friends.  Riding with others is important and they can help with launching and retrieving your kite.  In the event of an emergency, you want to have people looking out for you that could get help if needed.  

The Groove Vest

Groove-wastersports-vest-feature-callWe hope you found value in this article and will be safe out on the water.  We want to share with you what we are creating that is both safe and fun.  The Groove Vest is the world first impact vest with integrated speakers.  Bringing music to your ride.  We believe that safety is important and have designed our vest to have an above average level of buoyancy compared to industry standards in the impact vest market.  Our vest aligns with the human anatomy and will protect you from hard falls.  

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Published by Drew Bartek April 22, 2019
Drew Bartek