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05.14.2019 Jeff Raney

Kiteboarding Harness Guide


There are a few options out there today that should satisfy any kitesurfers preference no matter your experience level, body type or riding style. Here is the breakdown to make your harness purchasing simple and easy:

SEAT HARNESS Seat harness

Seat harnesses are generally popular for beginners and resemble the waist harness but has the added leg straps to help keep the harness down lower at your waistline. They’re more stable and tend to help with learning the sport. The spreader bar stays low and helps with water starts and staying upwind. If you want to have additional back support, look no further. These are highly recommended for kiters who have shorter arms so that they can sheet out the control bar completely while still controlling it.

The disadvantage is they tend to be a bit bulkier.

WAIST HARNESS                 Waist Harness

Waist harnesses are popular for kiters who prefer more freedom to do their style of kiting such as wake style tricks and wave riding. They fit just above the waist which allows more maneuverability for the legs and torso area. They’re a little faster to put on compared to a seat harness.

The disadvantages to kiters are that they tend to ride up into the chest area causing discomfort and even rashes. They also can create back discomfort so not recommended for kiters with back issues. If you have short arms then a seat harness is the way to go!

BOARDSHORTS HARNESSBoardshorts harness

These are cool and comfortable! They are a combo of both a waist and seat harness all integrated into a pair of board shorts. The leg straps are actually on the inside of the shorts and not visible keeping it low in the waist area. They’re less bulky resulting in more leg and torso freedom to help pull off your favorite ‘Sick Tricks’! Usually they come with a convenient pocket for your keys, etc.

The disadvantages are that they’re not quite as durable as compared to the other harnesses and also offer less back support and padding.

If you are wanting to get a Groove Vest, I would recommend either the Seat Harness or Boardshort Harness for the best experience.  The Groove Vest is the world's first patented impact vest with integrated speakers.  Bringing music to every session.


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Published by Jeff Raney May 14, 2019
Jeff Raney