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04.18.2019 Drew Bartek

Do impact vests keep you afloat?

Impact vests are used for many watersport activities as Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, Kiting, and PWC riding.  Impact vests are different than wakeboarding life jackets. Typically having a Front zipper for easy entry. Impact absorbing padding in the front, back and side panels for impact, stretch and compression for comfort.  The primary purpose of an impact vest is to protect you from hard falls that may occur.  Additional benefits from impact vests may include buoyancy, comfort, full range of motion, and lightweight.    


Do impact vests keep you afloat? 

This is an important question that you should consider.  The level of flotation varies from vest to vest.  There are some vests on the market that are extremely thin and provide very limited flotation.   Then there are other impact vests that provide some flotation but still fall short compared to a Coast Guard Approved (CGA) Vest.  Impact vests by definition are not a safety flotation device and cannot be fully relied upon to keep you afloat.  They are mainly used for comfort, lightweight, style and to protect your ribs from falls.

You should consider a few things when determining how much flotation you need.  Depending on the sport you are doing your board can provide additional flotation.  How good of a swimmer are you?  Having a vest with limited buoyancy will require you to be a stronger swimmer.   What situations are you placing yourself in?  Some watersports can be extreme and there are chances of getting knocked out.  Ensure that you are surrounded by people that can help you in case you get knocked out.  If you think you will get knocked out and won't have others around you to help you, we encourage you to wear a CGA vest.  CGA vests are tested to turn you around and get your head above water and will ensure you can breathe in the event you get knocked out.  

Once you have done an assessment on what type of rider you are and what your individual needs are you can find a vest that fits your needs.  

The Most Buoyant Impact Vest?

Groove-wastersports-vest-feature-callAt Groove Watersports we set out the vision to revolutionize the watersport industry by creating the highest quality impact vests on the market.  We saw that many impact vests don't float that well. We don't think this is acceptable, which is why we have developed and are using a custom foam that no other competitor is using on the market.  This foam is significantly more buoyant than the standard foam that 90% of impact vests use. 

The Groove Vest, the world first impact vest with integrated speakers.  Bringing music to your ride.  We believe that safety is important and have designed our vest to be the most buoyant impact vest on the market.  Our vest aligns with the human anatomy and will protect you from hard falls.  But it still is an impact vest (Not a Life Jacket).  At the end of the day we want to ensure that you are safe and know the risks that are involved.  Our vest is not designed to turn you around and get your head out of the water in the event of getting knocked out.  If you believe you might or will get knocked out we encourage you to wear a Coast Guard Approved Life jacket.


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Published by Drew Bartek April 18, 2019
Drew Bartek