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01.31.2019 Gus Gehlen

How Groove Watersports became a company

Music is a legal performance enhancing drug. Many athletes use music to pump them up, calm them down, or even synchronize their movements. Music is available for people who participate in team sports and action sports, but isn’t easily available for people who participate in watersports. Tower systems are disruptive to homeowners on the lake, and you have to blast the ears off of everyone on the boat if you want your rider to hear the music...there has to be a better way to enjoy music while riding, and that’s when the Groove Vest was born.


Gus, Drew and Miles attended the University of Nebraska.  Gus and Miles ran track together and met Drew through business school classes. In the last semester of their senior year, Gus told Drew and Miles about a crazy idea to put speakers into a vest for wakeboarders.  Gus wanted to be able to listen to music while riding, and there were not many options outside of a tower speaker system or a waterproof mp3 player.


Their entrepreneurship class helped them implement the lean startup methodology and helped them formulating their business plan.  Groove won 1st place in the National New Venture Plan Competition and secured grant funding to get through prototyping, marketing, and to secure intellectual property rights.


In the summer of 2018 the Groove team got news that the patent had been granted!  This gave the team new life. They applied to the Nmotion Accelerator program and have been working hard to make this a reality.


In the Spring of 2019 they will be launching their first product, the Groove Vest on Kickstarter.  They will be offering discounts to all of their early supporters and offer pre-orders through Kickstarter.  


Thanks for reading our story, we would love for you to join the ride as we come closer to making our dream a reality and delivering a vest that will change the sport!

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Published by Gus Gehlen January 31, 2019
Gus Gehlen