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05.28.2019 Drew Bartek

How to Kiteboard with One Hand

Flying your kite with one hand doesn't just look cool but is key for many aspects of kiteboarding such as upwind body dragging and board recovery.  Riding with one hand can also help you when learning to ride upwind.  It is a key skill to focus on and master, plus you will look cool while doing it!

One handed Kite

Here are some tips to help you fly your kite with one hand!

-Know that you have half the control when you are using one hand, you will need to move your kite slowly when flying it with one hand.

-Keep your bar level with the horizon and don't twist it.

-Use the opposite hand from where your kite is.  If your kite is on your right, take your right hand off the bar and use your left hand.

-Place your hand next to the center lines not over them.

-Pulling your bar in towards you will make your kite move up.  Pushing your bar away will make your kite move down.

-You do not need to use much additional strength if you use these techniques.  

-With your back to the wind as normal, know that it is almost impossible to control your kite on your right using your right hand or while using your left hand while your kite is on your left.

 -It is going to take some time to master, but keep at it and enjoy every session.  Life is a journey, enjoy the moments.

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Published by Drew Bartek May 28, 2019
Drew Bartek