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01.27.2020 Gus Gehlen

Groove Vest Production Update - Jan 2020

Who is ready to get in the Groove!? A lot of you have been patiently waiting for your Groove vest. If this is your fist time hearing about us, welcome to our blog! Join us on our first production run journey.

Raw Materials

The most common response to hearing the Groove vest for the first time is usually something like: "Holy 🐮this 💩BANGS!" When it comes to making a high quality speakers, every detail is important: wiring, glue, housing material, and speaker material. The speaker cone needs to be able to move in and out, without too much flex, so it can deliver sound accurately. Our high performance speakers have arrived at the production facility, and are waiting to be assembled into the waterproof enclosures. Check out the picture bellow!




Next Steps

Up to this point, we have been rapidly prototyping with 3D printed speaker enclosures. Last week, we received a production sample for our review. Since it is important to achieve a classic impact vest quality, while seamlessly integrating the speakers into the vest, we are going through another sample revision to ensure the production run holds the same high quality standards the vest was designed to achieve. After we deem the revision sample production-ready, we will begin the tooling process (1 month) followed by production (2 months). 

If you are a kickstarter backer or a giveaway winner, you will be the first to throw on some tunes and get in the Groove! After all our backer rewards are fulfilled, we will begin to ship out Try Before you Buy vests. 

If you want to chat, hit us up on social or send me an email gus@groovewatersports.com we love to hear from you!




Published by Gus Gehlen January 27, 2020
Gus Gehlen