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05.13.2019 Drew Bartek

GoPro Hero 7 for Watersports

Have you ever wished you had captured a moment out on the water.  Having the right gear and ability to capture a moment can be a challenge.  Go Pros have often been associated as one of the easiest cameras to capture these moments.  The Hero 7 Black has made this process even easier with HyperSmooth Video aka "The Gimbal Killer".  We are going to talk about some of the benefits of this GoPro and why its the best camera to capture your action shots.

The first thing that is a must is having a durable and waterproof camera for the water.  The Hero 7 Black is waterproof up to 33 feet (10m) without a case.  No need to worry about breaking this thing with hard falls.  GoPro's have historically been known as extremely durable cameras that can withstand hard falls.  GoPros have fallen from planes, cars and all sorts of things and come out the other end with minimal damage and still working.

The Hero 7 is an extremely versatile camera There are lots of ways to shoot on the GoPro with a bunch of different mounts.  You can mount  your GoPro on just about anything; helmet, board, chest, rope, boat, etc.  If you are looking for a handle I'd recommend the "GoPro Handler" which is a high quality floating hand grip camera mount that has a wrist strap and will always float up to the top of the water and has a bright orange tip so its easy to find.

The Hero 7 series is equipped with voice commands.  There are 16 different voice commands that you can use to take videos, photos or even tag a moment by saying "That was sick" so it is easier to find when you are uploading everything you captured.  This feature is awesome because if you are doing your sport your hands are often being used by holding the rope, your kite, paddle, etc.  No longer having to press a button to start and stop recording makes life a bit easier.  

HyperSmooth feature is the game changing feature that was the driving force for me to end up buying one.  This feature is only available in the Hero 7 Black and it is definitely worth it.  The technology uses electronic image stabilization to produce a stable video similar to what you would get from a gimbal.  This means that when you shoot video you don't have to worry about shaky videos and the first person view is smooth and crisp every single time.  This feature is a must if you are doing any action watersports where you are moving a lot. 

Hero 7 Black in action you can check out this video shot by JB ONeill.


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Published by Drew Bartek May 13, 2019
Drew Bartek