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01.3.2019 Drew Bartek

What is the Groove Vest Giveaway

The Groove Vest Giveaway is a contest where you can win the Groove Vest, an impact vest with speakers coming out in the summer of 2019.  This is solving the problem of not having your music on you while you ride. Our first contest just finished and we had selected two winners Shannon and Cory.  They will be receiving a free Groove Vest this summer.


We just started our second giveaway where we will be giving away two more vests!  The first Groove Vest Giveaway was a great success. Our first contest had 1,880 people enter the contest but less than 400 people shared it on social media.  The way the contest works is that your chances increase the more you share on social media and refer others to sign up. Cory one of the winners had shared the giveaway on multiple social media platforms and he had 20 friends sign up.  This ultimately lead to him winning one of the vests. Each drawing features one randomly drawn winner and then the person who referred the winner also wins a vest. If you want to win the Groove Vest your best way is to share the contest with others and encourage friends to sign up.  

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The current contest ends on 1/31/19 where we will draw two more winners.  If you entered the first contest you can still win and increase your chances by getting your unique referral link here.  If you haven’t entered the contest before you can enter here. Once you enter you will get a unique referral link that you can share with others to earn more entries.


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Published by Drew Bartek January 3, 2019
Drew Bartek