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02.20.2019 Drew Bartek

The Wakeboarding Capital of the World

Orlando, Florida is the Wakeboarding capital of the World.  I’m going to discuss why Orlando is the most important city for wakeboarding and what impact it has on the sport.  

If you are from the United States and want to be a professional wakeboarder you should strongly consider moving down to Florida.  The primary reason is because the weather is nice enough to ride in year around. If you want to become one the best at anything in the world it takes a lot of practice and being in a place where you can practice wakeboarding year around helps riders jump up to the next level.  

Florida has water everywhere with more than 30,000 lakes that cover more than 3 million acres of land. Now that is a lot of places to go ride at.  Orlando in particular has water everywhere.   Some of the best lakes around Orlando to wakeboard are Lake Holden, Lake Conway, Clear Lake, Lake Pickett and Lake Jessamine.

The next reason is because a vast majority of the pros either live in Florida or spend a significant amount of time there.  Some of the top pros from overseas will live in Florida from April through the summer.  Networking is an important part in any sport, connecting with the right people in the industry can take you a long way.  Being around other pros is an environment for success.  Due to being challenged on a daily basis and riding with a team of riders that all can push each other to develop and grow their skill set. 

Majority of the major boat wakeboarding tournaments are located in the US and on the East coast.  In 2018, 10 of the 15 pro events took place in the US.  Most of these locations are an easy flight or drive for riders living out of Orlando.

2018 pro schedule

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Published by Drew Bartek February 20, 2019
Drew Bartek