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01.21.2019 Drew Bartek

How to be Featured on our Social

One of the reasons why we created Groove Watersports is to be a voice for the everyday rider.  We love to feature riders on our Instagram, Facebook, Blog and however else we can give them a platform.  The reasons why we want to give riders everywhere a platform is because we think the community is what makes the sport so great.

Personally, being newer to the sport it is always intimidating trying something new.  Having the fear of failing and looking like an idiot.  You all know it's a given if you are learning how to ride you are going to eat it and make a fool of yourself often.  The one thing I personally noticed was that everyone has been so inviting.  People in the community want to see the sport grow and help out whenever they can by providing tips and support.

We share this same vision of wanting to grow the sport and advance it any way that we can.  That's why we would love to feature what you are doing at the cable or behind the boat.  If you want to be featured you can email Liam (Liam@groovewatersports.com) the pictures or videos that you have that you would like to get featured on our Social Media.  We also want to know more about you so feel free to tell us about where you ride, why you ride, your favorite trick, and what your goals are out on the water this upcoming season.

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Published by Drew Bartek January 21, 2019
Drew Bartek