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03.4.2019 Drew Bartek

Why you should consider buying a Custom Wakeboard!

Custom wakeboards have a lot to offer and can help improve your riding.  Plus having a sick custom design will make you stand out at the park or behind the boat.  

What all goes into making a custom wakeboard?  There is over 25 different things you can customize on your wakeboard.  The board’s build, material layup, and shape to name a few, each will offer differences in performance.  You can factor in your desired durability, flex, pop, and swing weight.  Each of these selections can be geared towards the type of rider you are and your skill level.  Having the right board could be the difference in you landing that big trick.

If you are riding with the wrong type of board you will struggle to progress and take your tricks to the next level.  I'm not saying that every board that isn't custom is not good for you.  Just know that every board is not made equal, major board manufacturers make some incredible boards and they also make some cheaper boards.  Before you buy a board make sure you do the research and the board is at least tailored to your style of riding.  Having a custom board ensures that it will be an exact match.

Everyone wants something that they can connect with, something personalized and unique to them.  Having custom artwork wrapped on your board will make you stand out on the water.  It will also give you a personal connection to whatever that design means to you.

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There are a few different companies that make custom wakeboards.  We believe that the best in the business is Humanoid Wakeboards.  We think they are the best because of a couple of reasons.  First they are made in the USA and they invest in the highest quality components from around the world and assemble boards by hand (with the help of a few machines).  

We love their passion their business started with two friends sharing  a common love around technology, time-tested durable designs, and the great outdoors. They started building. Injecting a fresh aesthetic with a fun DIY ethos into wakeboards.

Their team shares a diverse background backed by good ol' American ingenuity & grit. They built the first high production, direct-to-consumer 'in-house' manufacturing operation in the USA for boards sports. In today's world of cheap offshore manufacturing, building durable wakeboards in the USA is no small feat. They have complete control over manufacturing processes, space age materials and first-to-market technologies.  

We were very impressed with how Humanoid Wakeboards is changing the wake landscape by advancing the sport.  We share the same mindset of wanting to make the sport better through the power of music.  That is why we have created the Groove Vest a competition vest with integrated speakers, bringing music directly to the rider.  What better way to celebrate advancing wakeboarding that giving away some free stuff.  That's what lead us to launch the Ultimate Wakeboard Package Giveaway.  We are giving away one fully customizable Humanoid Wakeboard and a Groove Vest to one lucky winner!

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Published by Drew Bartek March 4, 2019
Drew Bartek