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08.28.2019 Drew Bartek

Connor Burns Pro Wakesurfer

Who is Connor Burns? 

Connor Burns is a professional wakesurfer who competes at the highest level and won the World Championships in 2018.  Connor recently became a Groove Sponsored rider after testing our vest to see what it was like.  He has only been wake surfing since 2015 and started competing in 2016.  He is currently ranked the #2 Wakesurfer in the World but is looking to retake the #1 spot during the world championships on September 5-7, 2019.

What does he think of the Groove Vest? 


"I would've never guessed you could put speakers in a vest while still keeping it sounding great, staying lightweight and performing just as well as my previous competition vests!" - Connor Burns

We wanted to design the Groove Vest in a way that top athletes in the world could wear it and still hit the hardest tricks.  Check out this video below that Connor made wearing the Groove Vest and a tutorial on 10 Pro Level Tricks.


If you are interested in listening to music while you ride on the water you can pre-order a Groove Vest today for the 2020 season with the button below!

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Published by Drew Bartek August 28, 2019
Drew Bartek