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02.25.2019 Drew Bartek

Club Wakeboarding!

We recently met with the Sac State Club Wakeboarding President Kelly Volken to learn more about their club and what collegiate wakeboarding is all about.   Below is our Q&A:

What is club wakeboarding?

Club wakeboard is the mix of competitive and leisure wakeboarding. You can be as serious about it as you want to be, we give the opportunity to everyone to try out the sport and take it where they want to go.

How did you first get involved with the club?

I joined the club my freshman year after walking around campus and seeing the wakeboard booth. I'd had been wakeboarding since I was 8 so I thought I'd try it out. It was then I became absolutely hooked!  

How many members are on your team? Is the club for all skill levels?

There's about 25 people on our team. We encourage everyone to join, even if they've never been on a board before. It's always exciting to see a newbie get on a board, see them improve, and then get hooked like all of us. The sport is more addicting than most would think.

How often are you practicing and are you riding on cable or behind a boat?

We practice weekly. More so cable than boat, just because we have 2 cable parks right by our school. But we do find time to make it behind boat a few times a month. 

How competitive is it?

I feel like there is always a little fun competition between our riders, but it really pushes us to become better and try tricks we wouldn't normally try. 


Where all has your team traveled?

Since I've been on the team, We've traveled to Las Vegas, Chico, Waco, and we're heading to Orlando next month!


How is the club able to pay for all of the expenses?

Our school give us the option to get funding, we use special grant funding out school offers which is $3,000 a year, we do fundraising, but a lot of the expenses are paid for by our members. 


Does your team host any tournaments? How do they work?

Yes! We try to host 1 or 2 competitions a year. Normally everyone comes out to the Watersports farm on a Friday night, we camp out and start our boat competition on Saturday.  All the teams camp out another night and then we head to Velocity Island Park for the cable portion. 


What has been your favorite part about being on the club team?

My favorite part has probably been the friends I've made. Between the people on our team and meeting people from other wakeboard teams, it's been a lot of fun. You are guaranteed a good time when your hanging out in the wakeboarding community.


As you can see Club Wakeboarding is a great opportunity for riders to continue to progress their wakeboarding skills and for new riders to be introduced to the sport.  That is why Groove Watersports is getting involved at the Club level and helping sponsor teams.  We share the same mission of growing the sport and having a good time out on the water.  If you want be apart of what we are doing at Groove, we invite you to join the ride and enter our current giveaway contest for our Groove Vest!

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Published by Drew Bartek February 25, 2019
Drew Bartek