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06.27.2019 Drew Bartek

The Cheapest Jet Ski You Can Buy

A new higher end jet ski typically can cost $15,000 to $20,000.  But not everyone needs a high end jet ski. Sea-Doo makes a brand new jet ski called the Spark that retails for $5,399 before adding on additional features.  We are going to review the Spark and see if it is right for you! 

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For about 5 grand this thing is freaking sweet, it is a perfect ride for someone just getting into the sport or someone that wants a little bit of a smaller ride.  Some PWC's nowadays are so big, this thing is a nice small size.  The one benefit to having a smaller sized ski is better GPH, with the vehicle consuming about 2 GPH.

Just because this thing is listed at $5,399 don't expect to pay that little when everything is said in done.  This PWC is bare bones and it is very easy to upgrade.  Still at the end of the day you will be getting a reasonably priced jet ski.  

Potential Upgrades

Some of the upgrades that I'd recommend getting are the comfort seat for $240.  Essentially upgrading the seat that you will be on for hours.  This is a no brainer to me because when I'm out on the water I want to be comfortable and I don't want a hard seat taking away from my good time.

The next two I'd recommend are the mirrors and the handlebar with adjustable riser.  Having mirrors for safety is really important being able to see your surroundings for $120 it is better to be safe than sorry.  And then the adjustable handlebars for $250 are just practical.  Maybe you are going to be the only one driving the Spark and you are fine with the standard handles, but if you are having multiple people of different heights ride this thing than having it be adjustable will be a really nice feature.  

There are loads more features like upgrading the engine for a more powerful ride or even adding a third seat.  All these different features are things you can consider by checking out Sea-Doo's website, they have a cool build your own feature where you can go through and look at all of the different options.

Music Upgrade 

One other accessory that you can add onto this Sea-Doo is their BRP audio portable system. This will cost you about $690 with the base.  Although this is cool, it is an expensive add on for basically a portable speaker.  I understand the need and desire to listen to music while out on the water but there are some other options out there for a cheaper solution to deliver music.

An alternative to their speaker is the Groove Vest.  The Groove Vest is a jet ski vest with integrated speakers that can play music loud and clear for your rides.  The vest is equipped with built in memory, no more worrying about what to do with your phone or draining your battery.  Additionally the vest has control buttons on the front giving the user easy access to choose the perfect song and get the volume just right.  We will be launching the Groove Vest this summer and it will retail for $299, but people that pre-order the vest at our launch will get a one time discounted price up to 50% off.

Should you buy the Spark 

So we still need to answer the question should you buy a Seadoo Spark?  The answer depends on what your other options are and what your budget is.  If you are looking at buying an older used jet ski I would strongly consider buying the Spark.  Having a brand new jet ski can give you peace of mind compared to buying a used ski with 100 hours on it, you can't be certain that there is no underlying issues.  

Maybe you are someone that wants a lot of power and speed.  The Spark will meet your needs to some extent, but if you are wanting more than a more expensive PWC might be right for you.  The other option is upgrading your Spark, you can easily upgrade this and add another $5,000 in cost.  The most important piece of advice I can give you is to get out and test ride it for yourself.  You can read a bunch of words and watch videos on the Spark all you want but there is nothing like getting on a ski and letting it rip!

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Published by Drew Bartek June 27, 2019
Drew Bartek