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02.13.2019 Drew Bartek

Wakeboarding Life Jackets Buyer's Guide

 Impact vests/ Comp Vests:

Competition style wakeboard vests, also called impact vests are by far the most popular vests for riders.  These vests are not USCG approved. State regulations are different from state to state, make sure to check your state’s laws to see if it is legal to wear while riding.  Impact vests offer some floatation but not the same level that a CGA life jacket offers.

Impact vests are more popular for a number of reasons.  The main reasons are they are lightweight, less restrictive and give you full range of motion.  These added benefits can help improve your overall riding and help you land more advanced tricks.  The foam used in impact vests is often softer and cut into smaller pieces that aligns with your body.  The design helps absorb the impact of hard falls.


CGA Life Jackets:

Coast Guard Approved (CGA) Wakeboarding life jackets are the typical vest most people think about when they think of a life jacket.  These life jackets are bulkier and built with more foam and offer superior flotation. In the event of an accident CGA vests are required and designed to float you well enough that it will turn you around and keep your head above water.  These types of life jackets would be recommended for someone that is a beginner and needs the extra support.



When it comes to cost impact vests are typically more expensive than a CGA life jacket.  A good impact vest costs around $120-$140. The high end impact vests range from $140-$180.  These vests are more expensive because they are more complex than a typical life jacket. They have more design work that goes into them and they are using higher quality materials.  

CGA life jackets can be really cheap to really expensive with price range of $30 to more than $150.  It really just depends on what you are looking to get out of the jacket. There are some very basic ones that don’t cost much at all, these are nice to have for your boat.  You never know when you just need to have an extra jacket on hand.


A revolution to watersport vests

Groove-wastersports-vest-feature-callAt Groove Watersports we are changing the landscape of vests.  In 2019 we are launching the Groove Vest, a patented impact vest with integrated speakers.  This vest brings riders music directly to them through two embedded speakers. Empowering users to listen to their music loud and clear all day at the lake.  

In 2020 we plan to come out with a CGA Groove Vest and bring music to everyone, regardless of your vest preference.  If you are interested in knowing more about the Groove Vest you can follow us on social media to get updated on when we launch.


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Published by Drew Bartek February 13, 2019
Drew Bartek