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07.3.2019 Drew Bartek

Buyers Guide for Jet Ski Gloves

If you are going to be riding a jet ski consistently you need to consider getting yourself a pair of gloves maybe even multiple for different times of the year.  Gloves provide a lot of benefits.

The main reason why you should wear gloves is because if you ride without them for too long you will start to notice that your wrist, hand, and fingers will start to hurt and that’s because they have been bouncing  up and down as you hit some waves and maybe are holding on for your life. Without gloves you will end up with sore hands and blisters that will eventually create calluses..

Having a good pair of gloves will keep your hands comfortable and prevent any blisters or calluses from occurring.  Other benefits include protection against sun burns and they can keep your hands warm. Having warm hands can go a long way when the water is cold.  I’m going to go over 3 different pairs of gloves you should consider for riding your personal watercraft.


These are some real simple but high quality gloves that can be found on amazon for $15-$20 depending on your size.  These gloves provide solid protection for your hands and offer a secure and consistent grip while riding. They are easy to find the perfect fit with a velcro strap to adjust how tight you want them.  I like these gloves because they are fingerless gloves making it really easy to access your phone without having to take off your gloves. The major downside of these gloves is that they are pretty thin and don’t do a good job of keeping your hands warm compared to other gloves.


If you are looking for a heavy duty pair you should check the Scratch gloves out.  These are high quality and built to last. These gloves are great on the palms, if you have a tight grip these might be right for you.  They have an added layer of protection for the palm and gusset cut fingers for less throttle fatigue.  Being that they are full finger these gloves are much better at keeping your hands warm and can be nice if you like to ride in the colder months.


The last pair of gloves that I would recommend considering is the Phantom Superlite made by Jet Pilot for $25.  These gloves are a great lightweight pair of gloves that also have a bit of style. These gloves come in a few different colors and are the most stylish out of other gloves on the market.  These feature a fantastic grip with their super-tacky palm that will ensure that your grip doesn’t slip even when the gloves are wet. These are full finger gloves so the main downside is having to take off these gloves to use your phone.

A good pair of jet ski gloves is nice to have, another thing that is nice to have is music on your PWC.  Music Adding speakers can be very expensive which is why we have created the Groove Vest. The world’s first impact vest with integrated speakers that brings music to the rider wherever you go.  With two built in speakers in the shoulder area you can listen to you music loud and clear.

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Published by Drew Bartek July 3, 2019
Drew Bartek