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09.24.2019 Drew Bartek

How to Make the Best Wakesurf Wave

Wakesurifng has been the fastest growing watersport over the past few years.  Many people are preferring to wakesurf rather than wakeboard or water ski.  One of the main reasons is because it is easier to get up and the falls have significantly less impact on the body.  Making wakesurfing a great sport for all ages.  One of the keys to wakesurfing is having the best surf wake from your boat.  Having a great wake is key for several different reasons. It will make it easier for beginners to surf and if you want to be doing tricks then you will want as big of a wake as possible.  In this blog we look to inform you on how you can use wake ballast to get that perfect wake.


Boats occupy space in the water, this is known as the displacement of the hull.  The 

basics are the heavier the boat is, the lower the boat sits, thus creating a greater amount of water hull displacement.  

The wake then is created when the boat starts moving through the water. In order to create the perfect wake, you must increase the weight in your boat. Most boats come with a standard ballast system, but to get that perfect wake you will need to be adding additional weight.  The most common way to add weight to your boat is through ballast bags.  Ballast bags are either inflatable bags that you pump water into each session, or you can get smaller bags that don’t require adding water into them each time. 

Wake ballast bag

It’s not all about weight, building the perfect surf wake isn’t just about having the biggest wake. Having the right shape of the wake is just as important.  The size of the wake is easy to comprehend, just add more weight and you will have a bigger wake.  The shape of the wake is all dependent on where the weight is placed.  For example, if you place all the weight at the back of the boat you will get a different shape of wake then if you had some of that weight towards the front of the boat.



There isn’t one perfect set up that works for every boat, boats are different, and it will take some experimenting to find the perfect size and shape for your boat. Know that the more weight you add to the back of the boat, the taller the wake will be. If you want a longer wake, then you will need to add more weight to the front of the boat. Placing weight in one area counters the other area. You will need to find the right balance for height of the wake and length.  We recommend that you start off by putting 60% of the weight in the back of the boat and 40% in the front of the boat. It’s also important to note that people count too, their weight will affect the shape of the wave. People typically have a minor affect if you are already using ballast bags but if you have enough people in one area of the boat it will have an effect.


When it comes to placing your ballast bags, you will want to place the weights on whichever side the rider is surfing.  This will have a greater positive impact on the shape of the wake you are looking for. If you choose to ride on the other side of the boat, you will want to drain and move your ballast bags to the proper side. A great place to start is by placing 100 to 200 pounds in the back corner of your boat.


If you have a newer boat that is less than 5 years old, it will most likely have its own OEM surf system. These systems have changed the game and you no longer need to weight your boat to one side. These OEM surf systems allow you to evenly weight your boat. It makes the process simpler and much easier to create a great shape and big wake.  There are several different aftermarket systems available for those boats that do not have a surf system.

Published by Drew Bartek September 24, 2019
Drew Bartek