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01.14.2019 Drew Bartek

Recap from Atlanta Boat Show

Groove Watersports atlanta boat show

This past weekend we drove down to the Atlanta boat show to promote Groove Watersports and the Groove Vest.  The Atlanta boat show had more than 20,000 people attend across all watersports. We were demoing the Groove Vest and hearing from fans on how they would use the Groove Vest.

The weekend consisted of interacting with all of the people that came through to see the Groove Vest.  We also connected with Terminus Wake Park, Wake Central, One Wake, and many others.

It was a lot of fun seeing people’s reactions and how excited riders were getting.  Each time someone would try on the Groove Vest we would get some awesome responses.  Some of the common things we heard were:

“I was expecting it to not be this loud”

“I need to get one of these when they come out”

“I can’t believe that this isn’t already a thing”

Here's a video of an excited rider and what he had to say about the vest:


HubSpot Video


I was able to meet Reed Hansen, Austin Keen, and Shaun Murray and get their feedback on the Groove Vest. Each of them tried on the vest and gave us their insights. Meeting some of the top riders in the world was a great experience. Everyone I met was down to earth and wants to see Groove Watersports succeed.Reed Hansen

Shaun MurrayAustin Keen













If you haven't heard of the Gorove Vest yet, it is an impact vest with integrated speakers, bringing music directly to the rider.  You can join our Giveaway down below for your chance to win one and get updates on when we launch the vest in 2019!

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Published by Drew Bartek January 14, 2019
Drew Bartek