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01.16.2019 Gus Gehlen

Start Up Life - Accelerator Program

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the accelerator program we were apart of. For those of you who don’t know, the business accelerator program provided the team with a phenomenal network of experienced entrepreneurs and benefits from the Global Accelerator Network along with an investment to help further develop the product and gain more traction.


Each week, the team created risky assumptions and goals to help reach the next milestone. We collaborated virtually from WA, TX, and NC.


Denver, CO: Denver Startup Week (DSW)


This weekend created some buzz for the team. We got introduced to some awesome boat dealers and riders in the area. Denver is a wonderful town filled with a bunch of people who love the outdoors. Another highlight was being able to meet the hard working people behind the scenes at the Global Accelerator Network (GAN). We are very thankful to be a part of this amazing network!


Awards: Going Up Elevator Pitch Competition - Groove takes 1st place out of 50+ startups competing in a 1 min elevator pitch competition.


Minneapolis, MN: Twin Cities Startup Week (TCSW)


We did not pitch at TCSW, but we learned a lot from Tech Stars mentors and local entrepreneurs. We learned a lot about crowdfunding, and tips on what it takes to run a successful Kickstarter campaign through the help of the founding team at Zivix. If you like to play the guitar, you’ll love their new and innovative products.


Lincoln, NE: NMotion Accelerator


We were the first virtual team in the NMotion Accelerator Program. We used programs like Slack and Zoom to communicate with the leadership team at NMotion. For networking events, we would drive around in a Beam Robot. This robot was one heck of an ice breaker and was super easy to drive around (thanks to many years of training via Mario Kart 64).


We ended the program with a bang. Demo Day was a great way to highlight the progression of the company. Next stop is the Kickstarter campaign. Help us spread the word on the launch of Groove by joining our Giveaway and sharing your unique link with your family and friends!

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Awards: Golden Game Runner Up - Drew Bartek beats Miles Ukaoma 21-1 in table tennis.


Groove on!


Published by Gus Gehlen January 16, 2019
Gus Gehlen