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05.8.2019 Drew Bartek

What is a 2.0 System Cable Park


Sesitec System 2.0 has been changing wakeboarding around the world since 2008.  They have installed 485 cables.  The 2.0 has allowed a new type of wake park to open up all over the world.  The 2.0 system is a linear cable running back from 2 different set points.  They can be set up at lakes, pools and people have even put them in their back yard.

Cable Image 2.0Cable wakeboarders are not pulled by a boat but by an overhead cable from the system of cables.  There are a number of advantages that cable has over boat riding.  The first advantage is the sport is finally affordable for the everyday person, you no longer need to have a $50,000 boat.


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If you have never wakeboarded before or are just getting started a cable park is the perfect way to learn.  A 2.0 system can help a rider get up after a few tries and a couple of minutes.  Operators at the park can control the speed and can supervise a safe environment to learn in.  Giving one on one instruction is much easier than learning behind the boat.


The cable is a great place to learn and practice air tricks! The rider is pulled by two vertically parallel cables, which creates greater tension and a smooth pull. The rope length can be changed very quickly and can be used to pull of some tricks.  Riders can use a short line to learn new air tricks. Riders can get creative and come up with many new tricks. 


Thanks to the back and forth ride of the 2.0, you can hit the same feature every over and over again! Practicing on the same feature every lap is a huge advantage and can help a rider perfect their craft.  If you fall in, the cable picks you straight back up with no delay. 

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Published by Drew Bartek May 8, 2019
Drew Bartek