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Impact Vest
With Speakers

The most technically advanced impact vest ever made. Designed for wakeboarders, made for the water.



Lightweight Vest

Experience unhindered mobility. The Groove Vest weighs less than most competitions vest.  Our patent (US Patent No #9,894,943) allows small powerful waterproof speakers to be integrated within a high-performance vest.

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Heavyweight Sound

Your music matters. You don’t ride to hear your buddy’s playlist. Or some guy’s at the park. I know we don’t. The Groove Vest, seamlessly puts your tunes where they belong without the risk of losing your buds or your phone while you’re on the water.

No earbuds. No tower speakers. Just hours of powerful audio to carry you across the water and through the air. Let’s ride.

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Cloud-Like Comfort

When making the Groove Vest, we pitted durable design against anatomical design, then threw in rugged lightweight materials. The result? An impact vest that works as hits the waves as hard as you do. Did we mention it’s T-shirt comfortable and won’t bunch up? Well, we did now.

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Featured Posts

Insights from Pro Riders and Amateurs On the Rise. Anything else you want to learn? Just let us know and we will bring an expert in to chat!

Can Music Make You a Better Rider?

Music internally motivates and moves your mind into a state of flow. Flow is a state of mind where the body and mind are working together with minimal conscious effort, riders often refer to this as in the zone.

Coast Guard Approved Vs Competition Vest

What is the difference between a CGA vest and an Impact Vest and which one is right for you? We interviewed over 700 riders and you may be surprised at what 85% of riders prefer.


You don’t have to take our word for it.

“Having my music on me would be a total game changer and something I could not ride without”
"Having music would just make my whole vibe better and I feel like I’d have a lot more fun riding"
“We have speakers on our boat but we can’t really hear it when I’m behind the boat. It would pump you up a lot more. Whenever I’m playing music I get a lot more confident in myself”
“That would be great if I could control my music, that would be big because sometimes people in the boat want to listen to 80s rock and I’m in the mood for some rap“
“Music makes wakeboarding more fun to me, like you almost don’t even have to be all that good, it’s just more fun”
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